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PPSC Food Safety Officer Latest past papers

PPSC Food Safety Officer Latest past papers


Food Department Introduction

The Ministry of Food Department Meals Safety & Analysis is principally chargeable for coverage formulation, financial coordination and planning in respect of meals grain and agriculture. It additionally contains procurement of meals grains, fertilizer, import worth stabilization of agriculture produce, worldwide liaison, financial research for framing agricultural insurance policies.

What is Punjab Public Service?

Select and recommend suitable candidates through a merit-based, transparent and expeditious process to promote excellence, professionalism and competence in the Punjab Public Service and render advice to Government.

What is the OBJECTIVES?

  • To establish a competent, efficient, professional and responsive Public Service to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century
  • To act without fear or favor ensuring functional independence, political neutrality, accountability and integrity.
  • To uphold standards, policies, guidelines and rules governing selection processes;
  • To develop and implement rule-based selection criteria and processes to ensure fair and equal-opportunity to all candidates
  • To render advice to the Government, where necessary, on policies, methods of recruitment, selection criteria and processes, to ensure efficient selection process and to attract best possible human resource for various posts.


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