General knowledge about pakistan

General knowledge questions and answers about pakistan Part 2

General knowledge questions and answers about Pakistan Part 2

General knowledge questions and answers about Pakistan Part-1

Q21. Black Gold is the name of?
Ans: Oil
Q22. Coldest area of the world?
Ans: Siberia
Q23. Capital of Azad Jamu & Kashmir?
Ans: Muzaffarabad
Q24. Pak won cricket world cup in?
Ans: 1992
Q25. Which area of Pakistan is sandwitch between China and Indian occupied Kashmir?
Ans: Baltistan
Q26. In 1945-46 which war was fought?
Ans: First Anglo Sikh war
Q27. Bristol is the sea port of?
Ans: UK
Q28. 1999 UN peace keeping mission to which country?
Ans: Kosovo
Q29* Oldest barrage of Pakistan?

Q30. Gulf war participate by which countries?
Ans: Iraq & Kuwait
Q31. From the moon which structure on the land visible?
Ans: The great wall of China
Q32. Country shortest coastline?
Ans: Monaco
Q33. Country biggest irrigation system of the world?
Ans: Pakistan
Q34. Largest planet of the solar system?
Ans: *Jupiter
Q35. City of canals?
Ans: Venice
Q36. China situated in which part of Asia?
Ans: East Asia
Q37. Sweden currency?
Ans: Krona
Q38. Cedi is the currency?

Ans: Ghana
Q39. Romania Currency?
Ans: Lei
Q40. First cabinet of Pakistan established?
Ans: 15 August, 1947
Q41. Mehmood Ghaznavi Destroyed?
Ans: Somnath Temple
Q42. Tipu Sultan embarrassed Shahadat in?
Ans: 4th Mysore war
Q43. Which country has a least population growth?
Ans: China
Q44. Lome is the capital of?
Ans: Togo
Q45. “Pakistan, the heart of Asia” is a book written by?
Ans: Liaqat Ali Khan in 1950
Q46. Founder of Mughal Empire?
Ans: Zaheeruddin Babur
Q47. Antibodies act against?
Ans: Diseases

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