General knowledge about pakistan

General knowledge questions and answers about pakistan Part 1

General knowledge questions and answers about Pakistan

Q1. Total District in Pak?
Ans: 133
Q2. Total Districts in Punjab?
Ans: 36
Q3. Total Districts in KP?
Ans: 26
Q4. Oldest Cantonment of Pakistan?
Ans: Kohat
Q5. India Construct Wuller Barrage on which river?
Ans: Jhelum
Q6. Commander in Chief who was also defence minister in civil Govt?
Ans: Ayub Khan
Q7. Who was 2nd Martial Law Administrator?
Ans: General Yahya Khan
Q8. Smallest Division of KP?
Ans: Bannu
Q9. Jinnah of Pakistan was written by?
Ans: Stanley Wolpert
Q10. Shalimar Garden was built by?
Ans: Shah Jehan
Q11. Tomb of Iqbal located in?
Ans: Near Badshahi Masjid
Q12. Gadani Beach is located in which province?
Ans: Baluchistan
Q13. Karakurom Highway connect Pak with?
Ans: China
Q14. Smallest state by area?
Ans: Malta
Q15. Plants exhale at night time which gas?
Ans: CO2
Q16. Distance from north and south equator is called?
Ans: Latitude
Q17. Eastern Meditarian Island Cyprus divided between which two countries?
Ans: Greece & Turkey
Q18. Reuters is the news agency of?
Ans: UK

Q19. WWW stand?
Ans: World wide web

Q20. Most urbanized province of Pak?

Ans: Sindh

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