Top free online jobs that pay daily in 2020

Top free online jobs that pay daily in 2020

Are you searching for free online jobs that pay daily in 2020? Now a day’s online jobs are very easy to find and make a very massive amount weekly daily and even hourly. Now in this topic, we will discuss very useful and easily make money free online jobs that pay daily.

free online jobs that pay daily


As the number of growing internet user, online jobs are growing day by day. Due to this situation, people are leaving 9 to 5 jobs and searching for free online jobs and they work from home.

free online jobs that pay daily in 2020

According to research, more than half (57 percent) of modern American office workers have the ability to work remotely,

Why are Remote jobs being a rising trend?

Remote jobs are a rising trend. Online businesses get more popular: with the right tools, the routine is easy to handle and profits are faster to generate.

Let alone saving time on commuting and getting the opportunity to work from any place, the person who chooses working remotely rather than from the office can make a dream of ‘work smarter – not harder’ a reality.

Free online jobs

Once the billed hours are paid, the person is free and can adjust the schedule according to her needs.

Here are few methods for free online jobs that pay daily in 2020

  1. Easy Online Jobs
  2. Online Survey Jobs
  3. Google Online Jobs
  4. Freelancing Jobs
  5. Data Entry Jobs
  6. Online Writing Job
  7. Online Tutor Jobs


1-  Easy Online Jobs

This is the best and easy method to earn money online without any skills.

What do we do in this method?

There are few websites which provide online survey, watching videos, writing a short article, Comment on social media profile.

You can only give a 10-30 mint daily to work on such online jobs that pay daily, hourly. The price of this task is $0.5 to $5 for each task.

2-   Online Survey Jobs

Online survey jobs are also jobs which you can do without having any skills, basically, different companies ask for your opinions for services and products. Which increases product sales.

You can create account theses different company which provides online jobs survey. Once you will register then they will send you online survey jobs.

You can complete the task and after completing the task they will pay you.

3- Google online jobs

You know Google is the most important and reputable company on the internet.  I am working on google last year’s ago and I have made a lot of money from google.

There are Four methods that work on google.

1-   Google ads

2-   Youtube

3-   Google smartphone

4-   Google online survey


4-   Freelancing jobs

Freelancing means if you have skills then you can provide your skills for the client and the client will hire complete require a task, after completing the task client will pay you.

Basically this online is for Skillful and non-skills .both can make money using freelancing.

Their Different website you can create an account on these and provide you services. I will provide a few website names which are most famous for freelancing.

Website is as following:






These websites are most famous for freelancing if you any skills you can do online work.

Like you are a designer, Engineer, content writer, Software Developer, Web Developer, etc.

5-   Data Entry Jobs

In this busy life, people need a data entry worker. This an easy task which can do and make money online.

How to do Data Entry job?

Data Entry is an Easy way, people post a project on freelancing websites, they mention everything in detail. Just read the requirement and complete the task.

Some people provide you a data and They need the only proper format of data :

You can just copy and paste the data in which he gives you format.

I give you some websites in which you can take the project and make money online.

1-   Freelancing

2-   Social media group(like link, Facebook, Reddit)

3-   Websites

6- Online Writing Jobs

Online writing means article writing, content writing for a product, for a website, etc.

Online writing is a very beautiful task if you have an article writer, these are the different types of writing jobs, you can write a product for blog content, product description, Rewrite article.

Different types of the website provide you a platform in which you can sell your services.

I give you the best online website you can sell your services and make money online.






7 – Online Tutor Jobs

Hi, Are you a teacher and you want to earn money online?

You can make money online if you have any type of skills, you can make money online in different like you can create a course of your related skills and sell your course online. the best website for the online selling course is of teachers making money this way.

You can also make money like this.

Second method: you can take online classes and make money. the different website needs online teacher and they teach online.

Here are the few websites for online Tutor Jobs






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what is coronavirus - what is coronavirus symptoms ! Tips Stay at Home

What is Coronavirus? What is coronavirus in human?

What is Coronaviruse

It is a type of is newly identified in China city Dohan and has caused a current spreading of respiratory disease.Now it is called Covid-19 due to its identification in 2019.

Details of Coronaviruses.

It is common in different animals and this kind of virus can infect humans.

Coronavirus is of many kinds, some of them can cause colds, others mild respiratory attack on nose, throat and lungs.

Coronavirus is named for its appearance; under the microscope it looks like it is covered with pointed structure that is surrounded like corona or crown

Prevention from Coronavirus

prevention coronavirus

There are necessary many measures to prevent following steps

  • Wash your hands till twenty seconds.
  • Clean them with alcohol-based hands hub
  • Maintain a social distance between you
  • coughing and sneezing people
  • Cover your face with a handkerchief or any covering cloth.
  • Don’t touch your face.
  • Try to avoid unnecessary travel, stay away from crowded

What is coronavirus symptoms?

The Covid-19 affects in different ways in different is a respiratory disease and most infected people will develop mild to moderate symptoms and recover without any special treatment, the people who are above 60 years old have a higher risk of developing severe disease and death.

 The following Covid-19 ‘s common symptoms are under as

  • Fever
  • Tiredness
  • Dry cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Aches and pain
  • Sore throat

Uncommon symptoms are diarrhea. And a running nose.

The people, who are with mild symptoms should self-isolate and contact their nearest Qarenteena Center Covid-19 /medical provider Helpline for advice on testing.

People with fever, cough and difficulty in breathing must call their doctor and ask about medical piece of advice and prevention.

How to wash Your Hand?

How wash your hands

What should I do in Coronavirus?

What should i do during coronaviruse

Sample and easiest medicine is “Stay at Home” that is medicine of coronavirus.

How is Covid-19 diagnosed?

To diagnose Covid-19 by physically examine is very difficult because a mild case of it may appear to the flu or a bad cold. A laboratory test can confirm its diagnosis.

How is Covid-19 treated?

Still, there is not a specific cure for Covid-19. Infected patients should be treated with supportive measures (medicines) that relieve symptoms. In severe cases, there may be additional options. Including research drugs and therapeutics.


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Institutions of Pakistan Closed due Coronavirus

Institutions of Pakistan Closed due Coronavirus Till April 5, 2020

1. The Additional Chief Secretary (Home)

2. The Secretary, HUD & PHE Department w.r.t PHAs etc

3. The Secretary, Specialized Healthcare & ME Department

4. The Secretary, Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department

5. The Secretary, School Education Department

6. The Secretary, Higher Education Department

7. The Secretary, Industries Department w.r.t TEVTA etc

8. The Secretary, Livestock Department w.r.t Veterinary Universities etc

9. The Secretary, Agriculture Department w.r.t Agriculture Universities etc

10.The Secretary, YASAT Department 11.The Secretary, Information & Culture Department

12.AII Divisional Commissioners in Punjab

13.AII Deputy Commissioners in Punjab

Subject: DIRECTIONS REGARDING Institutions of Pakistan Closed due Coronavirus 

I am directed to refer to subject cited above and to state that in the wake of impeding coronavirus alert, the Competent Authority has directed to convey the following instructions/directions to be observed in letter and spirit:

All educational institutions i.e. schools, colleges, medical colleges, Technical and Vocational institutions, universities (both public and private) shall remain closed for 3 weeks with immediate effect. All examinations being conducted or to be conducted during the coming 3 weeks shall remain canceled. All tuition centers shall also be closed.

All Deeni Madaris shall remain closed for 3 weeks. Only foreign students may be allowed to be accommodated in the hostels of madaris.

iv. All marriage/banquet halls and marquees shall remain closed for 3 weeks

v. All religious congregations and ceremonies shall remain suspended for 3 weeks.

vi. Jashn-e-Bahararan and other spring festivals shall remain canceled for 3 weeks.

vii. All public and private sports festivals shall remain canceled for 3 weeks

viii. Meetings with prisoners shall remain banned for 3 weeks.

ix. Any other public gathering of any type shall not be held for 3 weeks.

x. An aggressive and effective media campaign shall be run by the Information Department in consultation with the Primary Healthcare Department.

xi. PSL matches will be played without crowds.

xii. All concerned departments shall issue detailed instructions and guidelines for the effective implementation of the above-referred decision.

Institutions of Pakistan Closed due Coronavirus

Institutions of Pakistan Closed due Coronavirus



.dic_dif div.itemCount{ font-weight:bold; float:left; padding-right:5px; }
Institutions [in-sti-too-shuh n, –tyoo] 


  1. an organization, establishment, foundation, society, or the like, devoted to the promotion of a particular cause or program, especially one of a public, educational, or charitable character: This college is the best institution of its kind.
  2. the building devoted to such work.
  3. a public or private place for the care or confinement of inmates, especially mental patients or other persons with physical or mental disabilities.
  4. Sociology.a well-established and structured pattern of behavior or of relationships that is accepted as a fundamental part of a culture, as marriage: the institution of the family.
  5. any established law, custom, etc.
  6. any familiar, long-established person, thing, or practice; fixture.
  7. the act of instituting or setting up; establishment: the institution of laws.
  8. Ecclesiastical.
    1. the origination of the Eucharist, and enactment of its observance, by Christ.
    2. the investment of a member of the clergy with a spiritual charge.


Origin: 1350–1400; Middle English < Latin institūtiōn- (stem of institūtiō). See institute, -ion

Related forms
coun·ter·in·sti·tu·tion, noun
non·in·sti·tu·tion, noun
re·in·sti·tu·tion, noun

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