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Islamiat mcqs in urdu with answers For PPSC NTS CSS.

Islamiat MCQs in Urdu with answers For PPSC NTS CSS.

1 Which surah is called Urose-ul-Quran?
Ans Surah_Al-Rehman

2 Which surah is called the heart of the Quran?
Ans Surah_Yasin

3 Which_surah_was_being_recited_by_Muhammad(PBUH)_at_the_time_of_migration?
Ans Surah_Yasin

4  Which_surah_is_called_surah_Braat?
Ans Surah_Toba

5 What_is_the_duration_of_delivering_the_Quran_during_Makah?
Ans 12_years,_5_months_and_13_days

6 _What_is_the_duration_of_delivering_the_Quran_during_Medina?
Ans 9_years,_9_months_and_9_days

7  Explain_some_special_characteristics_of_Makki_surah?
Ans Brief_containing_subjects_on_Tauheed,_Rasala_and_Judgement_Day

8  Explain_some_characteristics_of_Madani_Surahs?
Ans Lengthy_containing_subjects_on_economic_and_social_life,_Abadat_matters

9 Which_Sahabi’s_name_is_in_Quran?
Ans Hazrat_Zaid_Bin_Haris_(R-A)

10 How_many_prophets_are_included_in_Quran?
Ans 25/26

11 Name_the_Surahs_of_Quran,_whose_names_are_on_animal_names?
Ans Al-Baqara,_Al-Nahl,_Al-namal,_Al-feal

12 Who_are_the_four_persons_whose_names_are_not_described_in_good_manners_in_Quran?
Ans Farauon,_Qaroon,_Haman,_Abu_Lahab

13 Which_surah_is_at_the_name_of_Female?
Ans Surah_Maryam

14  Which_Ayat_is_called_the_leader_of_Aayat?
Ans Aayat-ul-Kursi

15 How_many_Surahs_are_at_the_name_of_Muhammad(PBUH)?
Ans One_(Surah_Muhammad_(PBUH))

16 How_many_times_Muhammad’s(PBUH)name_Muhammad(PBUH)_is_included_in_Quran?
Ans Four_times

17 In_which_Surahs_Muhammad’s(PBUH)_name_is_included_in_Quran?
Ans Al-Imran,_Ahzab,_Muhammad,_Fatah

18 _How_many_Holy_books_are_described_in_Quran?
Ans Three

19 _How_many_Ghazwat_are_described_in_Quran?
Ans Twelve

20 Explain_the_3_persons_who_were_not_Prophet(PBUH)_but_the_Quran_mentioned_them_in_good_manners?
Ans Luqman,_Aziz-e-Misar,_Zulqarnain

21 _To_whom_Quran_said_Bait-ul-Attique?
Ans Bait-Ullah_(Kabba)

22 _Who_was_the_first_writer_of_Wahi_and_what_did_he_write?
Ans Hazrat_Sharjeel_(R-A)and_he_wrote(Bismillah)

23 _In_which_war_most_of_the_Hafiz-e-Quran_were_martyred?
Ans Jang-e-Yamama

24 Who_solicited_Hazrat_Abu_Bakr(R-A)_for_the_Tadveen_of_Quran?
Ans Hazrat_Umar_(R-A)

25 _Which_Sahabi_gave_the_book_shape_of_Quran?
Ans Hazrat_Zaid_Bin_Sabat,_who_was_the_leader_of_committee_comprising_75_Sahabas

26 _Which_Sahabi_is_called_Jamia-ul-Quran?
Ans Hazrat_Usman-e-Ghani_(R-A)

27 _What_Hazrat_Usman_served_in_connection_with_collection_of_Quran?
Ans He_gathered_the_Ummat_at_one_Qirrat

28 Who_was_the_holder_of_Quran_published_in_the_age_of_Hazrat_Abu_Bakr_Siddique(R-A)?
Ans Ummat-ul-Momineen_Hazrat_Hafsa_(R-A)

29 Muhammad(PBUH)_ordered_which_Sahabi_to_read_Quran?
Ans Hazrat_Abdullah_bin_Masood_(R-A)

30 Who_solicited_Hazrat_Usman(R#A)_to_send_the_copies_of_Quran_to_different_countries?
Ans Hazrat_hadifa-bin-Yamaan

31 _Name_Umm-ul-Momineen_who_were_Hafiz-e-Quran?
Ans Hazrat_Aaysha_Siddique,Hazrat_hafa,_Hazrat_Ummay-Salma(R-A)

32 _How_many_Aayat-e-Ameer_Quran_contains?
Ans 1000

33 _How_many_Aayat-e-Nahl_Quran_contains?
Ans 1000

34 _How_many_Aayat-e-Masal_Quran_contains?
Ans 1000

35 _How_many_Aayat-e-Qasas_Quran_contains?
Ans 1000

36 _How_many_Aayat-e-Wada_Quran_contains?
Ans 1000

37 _How_many_Aayat-e-Waeed_Quran_contains?
Ans 1000

38 _How_many_Aayat-e-Tahleel_Quran_contains?
Ans 250

39 _How_many_Aayat-e-Tahreem_Quran_contains?
Ans 250

40 _How_many_Aayat-e-Tasbee_Quran_contains?
Ans 100

41 _How_many_misc_Aayat_Quran_contains?
Ans 66

42 _How_many_times_Hazrat_Gabriel’s_name_is_included_in_Quran?
Ans Three_times

43 _Which_is_the_longest_Aayat_of_Quran_and_in_which_surah?
Ans Aayat_Madaneyat,Surah_Al-Baqara’s_Aayat_No 282

44 _Hazrat_Adam_is_described_in_which_Surah_and_how_many_times?
Ans Surah-ul-Aaraaf_7_times

45 _Which_Prophet’s_story_is_named_as_Ahsan-ul-Qasa_in_Quran?
Ans Hazrat_Yousaf

46 _Which_Surah_of_Quran_tells_about_Mehraj?
Ans Surah_Bani_Israel_and_Surah-ul-Najam

47 Which_Surah_tells_the_modesty_of_Hazrat_Aaysha_Siddiqua(R-A)?
Ans Surah_Noor

48 How_many_times_Hazrat_Musa(A-S)has_been_described_in_Quran?
Ans 107_times

49 _Which_Surah_is_at_the_name_of_City?
Ans Surah_Rome

50 _Which_surah_describes_Ghazwa-e-Khandaq
Ans Surah-al-Ahzab

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Islamiat mcqs in urdu with answers for nts Part-5

Islamiat MCQs in Urdu with answers for nts Part-5

Q1-Surname of Haleema Sadia was?

A-Ummay Kabtah

Q2-Surname of Prophet was?


Q3-Da‘ia of the Prophet was Shifa who was mother of?

A-Abdul Rehman bin Auf

Q4-Abdul Mutalib died in?

A-579 A.D

Q5-Masaira a slave of Khadija accompanied Prophet to?


Q6-First forster mother was Sobia who was mother of?


Q7-How many years Haleema took care of Prophet?

A-For six years

Q8-How many years Abdul Mutalib took care of Prophet?

A-For two years

Q9-After _ the Aqeeqa ceremony of Prophet was held?

A- 7 days

Q10P-Prophet belonged to Banu Hashim clan of?

A-Quraish tribe

Q11-Among uncles Abbas & Hamza embraced?


Q12-Amina was buried at Abwa b/w?

A-Makkah & Madina

Q13-Six months before the Prophet‘s birth his _ died?

A- father

Q14-Prophet had no _  and _?

A-brother and  sister

Q15-Foster father of Prophet was?


Q16-At the age of _, Herb-e-Fajjar took place?


Q17-Herb-e-Fajjar means war fought in the?

A-probihited months

Q18-First father-in-law of Prophet was?


Q19-Aamina belonged to?

A-Bani Zohra tribe

Q20-Umar and Hamza accepted Islam in?

A-615 A.d (5th Nabvi)

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islamic general knowledge questions part 3

Islamic general knowledge questions and Answer Part-2

Q73-At the age of 15,whats took place?


Q74-Herb-e-Fajjar means war fought in the?

A-probihited months

Q75- First father-in-law of Prophet was ?


Q76- Aamina belonged to What tribe?

A-Bani Zohra

Q77- Umar accepted Islam in?

A-616 A.d

Q78-Social boycott of Banu Hashim took place in?

A-7th Nabvi

Q79- Shi’b means ?


Q80-Social boycott continued for?

A-3 years

Q81-A group of Madina met Prophet in ?

A-11th Nabvi

Q82-Uqba is located near ?


Q83-The group of Madinites belonged to ?

A-Khazraj tribe

Q84-Accord of Uqba took place in?

A-13th Nabvi

Q84- On 27th Rajab ,10 Nabvi the event of what took place?

A- Miraj

Q85-10th Nabvi was called ?

A-Aam-ul-Hazan (year of grief)

Q86- Name of the camel on which Prophet was riding in migration was?


Q87- Omaar bin Hisham was the original name of ?

A-Abu Jehl

Q88- Abu-al-Hikmis the title of ?

A-Abu Jehl

Q89- When did Hazrat Hamza (RA) embrace Islam ?

A-Fifth Nabavi

Q90- Cave of Hira is 3 miles from ?


Q91- Hijra took place in?

A-13th Nabvi

Q92- Second convent of Al-Aqba arrived at Makkah ?

A- in 12th Nabvi

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